Women shaving their os space is totally different than victimization the razor on legs or underarms.

You need a small amount additional patience and care attributable to this sensitive zone and thicker hair kind.

You might be able to flee with a ‘hurry up and obtain it done’ with alternative areas, however not this one.

Here we’ll show you the way to urge a detailed, safe shave whereas avoiding common issues like nicks, irritation, redness, skin sensation and unhealthy hairs.

  1. Choose your shaving cream wisely. For this sensitive body zone make sure to urge and use a decent soapsuds or gel, victimization soap is certainly out. The Art of Shaving, Unscented soapsuds (compare costs on Amazon) is extraordinary for obtaining a swish shave, moisturizing skin and preventing unhealthy hairs.
  2. Don’t skimp on your razor. keep afar from the straight, low cost disposables or you’ll be posing for cuts and nicks. Instead use a razor with a pivoting head and multiple blades to administer you a swish, squeak. Our decide is Schick Quattro for ladies. If you’ve got terribly sensitive skin, you will got to use a top quality razor with one blade.
  3. provides a haircut. Trim hair down initial as short as attainable by putting a comb flat on the skin and trim over comb with scissors, or with clippers victimization the shortest guard. The less hair you begin out with means that you eat up less lifetime of your razor and use a pointy tool once operating the razor on the point of your skin.
  4. Take a heat shower or bathtub. a few minutes of the warmth can soften skin and relax the follicle. the number of your time that works best for you will vary. for a few ladies, it’s 5 minutes et al. it’s ten minutes or a bit additional.
  5. Exfoliate. Get disembarrass dead of skin cells and obtain a better shave by employing a gentle exfoliator or your favorite body wash with associate Ayate bath linen (compare prices).
  6. Dab on some pre-shaving oil. operating as a barrier on your skin, the razor can glide easier rather than dragging and wash skin. It conjointly helps stop razor burn, general irritation, and unhealthy hairs.
  7. Apply soapsuds or gel. confirm skin is damp however not to a fault wet. If you’ve got a brush, work the merchandise with the comb in a circle to assist elevate hair thus you get a better shave.
  8. Shave. employing a contemporary blade, initial get in constant direction of hair growth and so in wrong way. Don’t reassess constant space too again and again.
  9. Rinse. In between strokes, make sure to rinse blade. A clogged razor won’t work well.
  10. Cleanse. Rinse skin totally and gently pat dry with a soft towel.
  11. Moisturize. Apply a light-weight, ideally unscented lotion or aftershave lotion.
  12. Fight redness. There’s a bent for obtaining unhealthy hairs. ​Flawless hair bodily fluid will facilitate with bumps, redness, and unhealthy hairs.


  1. Keep all merchandise on the skin of your body solely. And avoid shaving throughout your amount, as skin is additional sensitive.
  2. If you’re commencing most of your hair, a duct defend, the Va j-j Visor can give you protection thus you don’t cut your inner female genital organ. employing a little mirror also will assist you see higher.
  3. Shaving whereas taking a shower, instead of a shower will build things easier as a result of you’ll shore legs on facet of stall.
  4. If you’re daring, you’ll produce bush styles reception.
  5. Shaving solely takes hair even with the skin, waxing can keep hair away weeks at a time. you will need to contemplate a Brazilian wax.


  • Comb and scissors or clippers
  • New pivoting razor with multiple blades
  • soapsuds or gel
  • Pre-shaving oil
  • brush (optional)
  • Cortizone cream if os space starts obtaining restless
  • Light, unscented moisturizer.

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